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Audio Recording Pen

Price: $149.95


Use your audio recording pen to take memos, record meetings, conversations, or class lectures for later review. Updated slimmer design and now fully compatible with 64 bit operating systems!

  • Starting and stopping recording is easy... simple slide the pocket clip up to start, slide it down to stop
  • Capture up to 12 hours of high quality audio even while you are writing
  • Clear audio - pen has sensitivity control for sound that is nearer or farther away
  • Stores up to 36 hours of audio files to 256 MB of internal memory. No SD card needed
  • Easy file retrieval... unscrew the cap and use it just like a flash drive
  • Charges battery automatically every time you plug in the USB cord
  • Convenient search options help you  keep track of your files - includes automatic file introduction feature that can play the first few seconds of audio until you find the file you want
  • Fast "plug-in" remote control for after recording


12 hours of high quality endless recording time, 8 hours playback
256 MB of internal memory
Works and looks just like an ordinary pen - new design is even slimmer than older PRMA pens


Plug-in after recording controller
USB cable
Earphone set
Extensive easy to follow instruction manual
Software disc
Instruction booklet

Compatible with Windows up to Win8, Mac



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