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RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

Price: $295.95

RF detection wand, easily fits in user hand to conceal action while sweeping for bugs of different types. Perfect fit for both professional and novice users, simple to use, and allows operator to locate the source. Keep your conversations to yourself with the RF Detector wand.

  • Easy and quick detection of RF bugs of different types, including VHF/UHF transmitters, GSM/3G bugs, wireless video cameras, Wi-Fi audio and video transmitters, vehicle transmitters, body-carried transmitters, etc.
  • 3 working modes: Normal, Vibrating, and Audio
  • Wide frequency range 50-6000 MHz
  • Powered just by 1 x AAA battery
  • 16-segment bargraph indicator
  • Physical attenuator provides ability to locate strong RF sources
  • Highly sensitive to real signals without being affected by weak background radio waves
  • No sensitivity loss at battery discharge
  • Low power indication
  • Is able to detect modern communications, including GSM, 3G, 4G (LTE), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 2.44 and 5GHz
  • High-quality detection scheme with professional RF isolation
  • Reliable and tested device for different sweeping tasks
  • Detects both analogue and digital transmissions
  • Allows the operator to locate the source
  • Vibrating signal for concealed indication of a high RF level and testing hard to access places
  • Durable duralumin case
  • Battery resource 10-20 hours


      Frequency 50MHz to 6GHz
      Power: 1 x AAA Battery
      Consumption: 100mA (stand-by) 200mA (full bar graph)
      Dimensions:172x19 mm
      Battery Resource: 10-20 hours
      Indicator: ATT state
      Indicator: Working Mode
      Indicator: Battery State (3 colors)
      Indicator: Vibration
      Indicator: 16-segment bar graph
      Controls: Power button; MODE button; ATT button
      Working Modes: Normal; Vibrating; Audio

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