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Fake Security Camera Dome - White Base And Flashing LED

Price: $19.95

Decrease burglary, theft and vandalism at home or business when you place realistic looking simulated security cameras in highly visible locations.

  • Easily to install on your ceilings or walls using only a few screws
  • Saves  you money - get all the deterrence value of an expensive CCTV system without the high cost
  • Realistically imitates the small, high tech security cameras available today - uses an actual dome surveillance camera without the internal hardware
  • Draw extra attention to the camera, particularly at night with flashing LED and FREE 4.25 inch yellow CCTV decal

Activate the flashing LED light by simply installing 3 AA batteries (not included) - remove batteries to deactivate.

Specifications: base measures 5 inches in diameter and the dome is 2 inches high.

Number pieces in packaging:1

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Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to check all State, Local and Federal Laws governing the use of covert video surveillance cameras (with or without audio) before ordering and-or using. For information regarding the use of self defense products in the U.S. check these links: Stun Gun Laws | Pepper Spray Laws.