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Biometric Safe

Price: $199.95

No more swiping. Just place your finger on the scanner to unlock - features an optical finger print scanner for superior fingerprint recognition.

  • Quick secure access via the biometric optical fingerprint reader - convenient storage for handguns, valuables personal documents.
  • Store your valuables in tight spaces or even while traveling - compact size with large interior space
  • Provides a nearly impenetrable barrier for your valuables - rugged all-steel construction
  • Recognize hard to read fingerprints and scan through dirt and oil - print recognition in less than 1 second
  • Save up to 30 fingerprints for multiple user access
  • Batteries will last for over 1000 openings (uses 4AA batteries) - Fingerprint information is not lost when batteries are replaced or if they die.
  • Includes security cable to prevent theft and key over-ride for emergencies
  • Mount to a wall or secure with cable


    Exterior: 7.25 Wide, 10.75 Long, 1.95 High
    Interior: 7.05 Wide, 8.75 Long, 1.5 High
    Powered by 4 AA batteries
    1 year warranty

    Download:LS-SC1000 Instruction Manual


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