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Wireless Landscape Stone Spy Camera With Battery Powered + Wide

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Xtreme Life™ battery powered WiFi camera with 90 day battery life! Cleverly disguised as a Bird House.

Completely weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use

  • Records video on a micro memory card up to 64GB so even if your Wi-Fi isn't working you still capture video
  • Battery powered camera last up to 90 days in motion activation standby mode (8 hours of continuous recording) - absolutely no visible wires!
  • PIR motion detection responds to body heat - super fast 2 second start up for recording in motion activation mode
  • Easy P2P Wifi setup using your Android or iPhone - no more confusing IP setup or router problem... simply swipe the QR code with your phone
  • Play back from the Memory card
  • Free live streaming
  • See the action close up using the APP with 4x Zoom capabilities
  • Event notification/alert instantly know when someone enters your home or office
  • Real Wi-Fi remote view using a server
  • Use on any smart phone or tablet to view video
  • Records video on a micro memory card up to 64GB so even if your Wi-Fi isn't working you still capture video
  • Add as many cameras as you need in any location and see on one app
  • Download app to as many devices as needed

New P2P Wifi setup is easier than ever. Here's how it works

1. Open the Zone Shield® or Xtreme Life camera to insert the memory card into the memory card slot and connect the power supply.
2. For the Xtreme Lifemodels, charge the battery pack about 10 hours for a full charge.
3. Download the “EZ-SEE” App from Apple Store or Google Play. Open the app after it has installed.
4. In the app, press “Add” button in the top-left corner, then press the “SCAN” button in the middle of the next screen. Locate the QR code on your camera and point your smart device’s camera at the QR and the app will scan the code. After scanning, the EZ-SEE App will now directly connect your smart phone or tablet to your camera through Wi-Fi.
5. Once connected, there will be a pop-up confirming to connect to the internet for remote live view. Select your Wi-Fi network and type in your password. The camera will reboot and take 1-2 minutes to come back online, at which point it will be ready for live viewing from your smart phone or tablet.

EZ-SEE Application download here (Windows XP and up)

Note about Battery life: when using the PIR motion setting your battery will last up to 90days in stand by.You may not live view unless the PIR is triggered than you can view up to 10 min post event.

You can use this item in continuous mode and the battery will last up to 8 hours you can than live view at anytime no event has to take place. Note viewing uses up battery life.

Camera Specifications:

1280x720 Effective Pixels
1/3" digital cmos Image Sensor
140° Field of View
NTSC/PAL Compatible Video System
Operating Temperature 22°F - 158°F
Invisible 940 nm IR's (Night Vision models only)

DVR Specifications:

1280x720 Recording Resolution
H.264 Video Compression
Time/Date Stamp-
Up to 64GB memory card capacity (Class XC1) - Confirmed with Toshiba and Samsung EVO
Adjustable Recording Quality(Best, Better, Low)
Multiple Video Recording Modes
Adjustable Frame Rate(up to 15 fps)
AVI Video Playback Files
Operating temperature 32° F - 122° F
System Requirements and Battery

WiFi Specifications:

802.11 b/g/n Standards
3 dBi Antenna Gain
iPhone 3GS or higher
iPad iOS 5.1 or higher     
Android 2.3 or higher

Estimated time in continuous recording mode
15 FPS on 64GB up to 86 hours on HD Resolution
15 FPS on 64GB up to 125 D1 resolution

Battery Specifications:

5V 10,000 mAh Lithium-ION Rechargeable
90 days stand by in PIR motion mode in continuous mode up to 8 hours
Charge time 10 hours
Extra batteries are available see A1028


Wi-Fi Camera
Quick Setup Guide
CD w/Manual
Power Cable (non-battery operated models only)
Rechargeable Battery (battery operated models only)
USB Charging Cable (battery operated models only)


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