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Digital Phone Call Recording System

Price: $199.95

Record and manage your calls on analog, digital and VoIP phone lines. This portable device has a speaker, built-in microphone, LCD display screen... allows automatic recording with voice activation!

  • Simple to operate - just connect the telephone line and you are ready to go
  • Captures both side of every phone conversation, incoming or outgoing
  • Record up to 330 hours of audio - files saved on removable 2GB SD card
  • Voice activated recording - set up for automatic or manual recording
  • Log all call information including Caller ID, date, time and time elapsed
  • Play back recordings on your computer or right from the device itself
  • Protect your data with passwords - to keep it safe from prying eyes or accidental deletion
  • Quickly check or search phone records by type, call date, average length, number, caller ID names and more!

Analog line connection:
a. Switch the SOURCE to PHONE
b. Co-line to LINE port
Phone to PHONE port


tel. record 7.jpg

Digital phone Connection (Handset):

  • a. Switch SOURCE to PHONE
  • b. Connect handset line to LINE
  • c. Connect handset to PHONE

tel. record 8.jpg


1 x DTR1000 recorder
1 x 2GB SD card
1 x Telephone line cable
1 x MiniUSB 2.0 cable
1 x Software CD with user manual
1 x 5V AC adapter

Download the Manual(s) dr004manual.pdf


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