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Voice Recorder With Wireless Microphone
16GB Memory, long life battery - up to 15 days in standby voice activation mode, 6 full days of continuous recording, separate wireless microphone

Key Fob Style Voice Recorder
Voice activated and continuous recording - 50hrs of battery life in standby mode - 2GB internal flash memory saves up to 10 hours of audio

Clip-On Audio Recorder 15 hour Battery Life
8GB Memory, long life battery - up to 15 hours, only 2 x 1/2 inch fits discreetly inside the pocket or in another covert location.

USB Audio Recorder 4GB
15 hrs recording on a battery charge, easy one touch activation, functional flash drive, Mac compatible

Cell or Landline Telephone Call Recorder
Voice activated or manual recording for cell or landline, 8GB memory holds 1040 hours - battery lasts 30 days on a single charge, USB interface

Flash Drive DVR with Audio + Video
Voice or motion activation USB stick records high definition video (1280 x 720) - 8GB flash memory, simple USB connection to computer

USB Audio Recorder Voice Activated 25 Day Battery Life
Voice activated - up to 25 days battery power in standby, 4GB memory - stores 144 hrs.of audio

Audio Recording Pen
Easy operation - records high quality audio for 12 hours, stores up to 36 hours!

One-Touch Voice Recorder Pen
4GB internal memory (up to 284 hours of MP3 audio) 6 hr. rechargeable battery - easy USB file transfer

USB Audio Recorder
Lasts 15 hours in voice activated mode, also records while plugged in tot USB for unlimited hours of use!

Telephone And Voice Recorder
Voice activated recorder - records both sides of conversation to flash memeory - connects to PC by USB

Voice Activated Micro DVR: Hidden Camera With Audio
Voice activated hidden DVR camera no bigger than your thumb! Carry it with you on a key chain... or clip it almost anywhere!

Mini Voice Recorder
Lasts up to 20 hours on a single battery - simple intuitive interface with one touch recording button - voice activated recording

Personal Body Camera by Patrol Eyes
140 degree wide angle lens (170 degree in 480p mode)-16GB or 32GB storage - built in night vision to get great video even in pitch black.

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